SHOP•COM’s mission is to create and deliver the most compelling shopping experiences for their customers. It’s an ambitious but achievable commitment. Here’s how they do it.

It begins by creating an environment where both merchants and customers want to be. Customers go where they have the most choice and merchants go where the customers are. So, they start with merchants. Lots of merchants... all in one place. Big merchants. Small merchants. Merchants with household brands. Merchants with niche products. In all cases, merchants who have passed SHOP•COM’s stringent quality review process, which includes the criteria that they offer only family-friendly products and that they are demonstrated experts at remote shopping - everything from product presentations to on-time delivery to your door to providing conscientious customer service after the sale.

Today, SHOP•COM has successfully attracted hundreds of qualified merchants, offering millions of unique products, all shop-able by customers using OneCart&trade and one account. They were able to accomplish this because they directly aligned the interest of the merchant with the interest of the marketplace by pioneering and introducing the cost-per-order (CPO) business model. This highly-efficient model is extremely attractive to merchants because it gives them a completely predictable ROI (return on investment), unlike models where they advertise to drive traffic to their own sites and then hope to make enough sales to cover their advertising costs.

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